Now in stock: Spring titles from Retrofit & Peow!

New titles from Retrofit's Spring lineup came in this week!

Matt Madden's Drawn Onward is a palindrome comic and can be read backwards and forwards. A man and a woman cross paths in the New York City Subway system over a number of chance encounters and a perplexing  obsession develops. Reading in either direction offers a different experience of the story but it should probably be taken as a whole to really be understood - if either version is trustworthy! Read more on Broken Frontier.

"Lizard Woman and Vulturella are natural foes in the wrestling ring, but outside of it, Lizard Woman is just Lizz, a struggling single mom. Until one night when Vulturella starts going all out against Lizard Woman! Why is Vulturella trying to tire out Lizard Woman?!" For more try Optical Sloth.

Living alone in the jungle, Mowgli, a human boy, seeks meaningful emotional connections with the other animals. When he befriends an orangutan, Mowgli thinks he has found his lifemate. But he still wonders if there are any other creatures that look like him. Read a review on Sequential State.

And along with our Retrofit haul we received treasures from Peow! Studio too! Pictured above is part one of Náva : Ruins of a Dream/Tree of Life. Follow a mysterious cosmic woman as she journeys through worlds and time on a quest for the allmother.

Stay tuned for Náva part two. Dog-people, kids, gods, a cow. conundrums...preview it here.

Three Blades: Swordfight 2 showcases a range of warrior crews looking ready for a fight! Which doesn't happen..but I'm braced for Swordfight 3.

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