Out Today: Palookaville 22!

Seth's annual installment of Palookaville is finally here! Bringing readers back to the world of Dominion Ontario, the lush-hardcover edition (complete with green foil and meticulous design) continues the exploration of the past and the elusive nature of memory by one of Canada's true greats.

In this fourth installment of Clyde Fans Abe and Simon Matchcard are back, watching the painful disintegration of their family business in an endless haze of cigarette smoke. Chapter two of his autobiographical serial Nothing Lasts revisits Seth's small town Ontario upbringing in Tilbury. Cherished fragments of memory provide a glimpse of the life of the artist and will resonate doubly for anyone familiar with the art of nostalgia.

A wistful photo essay chronicling the Crown Barber Shop in Guelph, Ontario serves as interlude to these stories and adds another misty layer of history to contend with. It's also a real barber shop owned and operated by Tania Van Spyck and designed by Seth! Check out Tracy's preview of PV22 for more or come see this beautiful edition for yourself on shelves today!

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