Out today: SuperMutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki!

SuperMutant Magic Academy is now in stock, bringing with it all the witty, tragic, wonderful characters from Jillian Tamaki's much-loved webcomic of the same name! Best known for co-creating young adult graphic novels Skim and This One Summer, Tamaki is back again, this time taking us to a magical, fantastical world that nevertheless feels all too real.

Meet Marsha the half-Korean witch, Wendy the fox girl, Everlasting Boy (who never dies), lizard-headed Trixie (and her modeling aspirations), and a full cast of other characters simultaneously navigating the extraordinariness of magic classes and broomstick sports games, and the mundanity of prom, bake sales, and unrequited love.

A webcomic for the past four years (and already a recipient of two Ignatz awards), SuperMutant Magic Academy shows that even with magic abilities and mutant powers, teenhood remains full of the same old ennui, uncertainty, and irreverence, made fresh with Tamaki's devastating wit and uncompromising subversion of high school tropes.

Magic and prophecy take a back seat to the students' daily concerns because who has time to care about the end of the world when your best friend doesn't know you're in love with her? Why use your powers for good when there are sandwiches to summon and Dungeons & Dragons games to play?

The kids of SuperMutant Magic Academy want to be your friends.

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