Recap: Preservation Society

The store was crowded last Friday! Fortunately Camilla had brought with her tons (yes, tons!) of delicious homemade food for the launch of Preservation Society: Home Preserves.

The former indie rock gal turned canning and preserve queen celebrated the launch of her new book here with many friends and fans last week and spoke with Jonah Campbell, author of Food and Trembling, about the dawn of her canning empire.

Their conversation spanned her background in baking and pastry arts to her creative process in formulating new flavours and recipes. Attention all gourmets: thanks to Jonah's savoir faire we learned that "molecular gastronomy" is "not a thing" anymore, the preferred term is "techno-emotional cuisine".

The story goes that Preservation Society:Home Preserves was written in one month shacked up with only a hotplate and a toaster oven. And what a book! If the food Camilla brought is any indication it is no doubt full of utterly delicious and unique recipes. 

Thanks to everyone who came out and made it a wonderful night! Read more words about the book here.

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