Spring magazine roundup!

It's finally spring! The sun is shining, it's (almost) shorts weather, and new magazines are popping up like crocuses (or croci, if you prefer). Here's a sample of what we have on offer:

Maisonneuve and N+1
National Magazine Award-winning Maisonneuve is back with another issue full of amazing content with a Canadian bend, including eco-funerals, Iranian sculpture, and dealing with PTSD as a couple. Meanwhile, N+1's newest installment is full of the riveting writing we're accustomed to, with a roundtable discussion on police violence (part of a larger package on the police and the people), and essays on basketball, death, and affect theory for activists.

Jacobin and Delayed Gratification
We're so excited to be getting the beautiful, important Jacobin, and issue 17 does not disappoint. This time, the "leading voice of the American left" tackles technology and how it is shaping our world (of note are features on the division of extraterrestrial resources and the ubiquity of smartphones). Delayed Gratification, self-styled as the world's first slow journalism magazine,explores the international goings-on from October 1st to December 31st, with investigations into the disappearance of 43 Mexican students, the Philae landing, #blacklivesmatter, and Zaatari, the Syrian refuge camp-cum-city.

Nouveau Projet and Libert√©
Montreal native Nouveau Projet is published biannually, and is committed to promoting innovative French culture in North America. Issue no. 7 is full of features (on Quebec's new cultural borders, pop culture feminism, and seasonal Christmas tree labour), comics, poems, and more. For its part, Liberté, also Montreal-based, makes good on its challenge for readers to "understand dangerously," turning its piercing gaze on modern feminism, historical photography, and critiquing art, film, and literature with equal gusto.

Caribou and Wax Poetics
Quebecois culinary magazine Caribou's second issue is all about the restaurants, spotlighting the best and brightest the province has to offer, plus tales of foodie road trips and snack joints, and a maple syrup-flavoured photo essay. A special #blacklivesmatter-themed Wax Poetics just came out, dedicated to all those who have fought for justice. The music magazine profiles Curtis Mayfield, TV on the Radio, Bishop Nehru, Joi, Rick Stevens, and many, many others. 

Uppercase and Kinfolk
Uppercase is just as lovingly put together as always, tackling printmaking in its newest issue. The magazine investigates everything from silkscreening to typesetting, monoprint to overprinting, and profiles an amazing group of artists working today. Portland-based Kinfolk magazine continues with its immediately recognizable aesthetic, with sleek, modern, and effortlessly cool dripping off every page of writing, photography, or recipes, this time all based around the theme of entrepreneurship. 

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