Tonight: Conundrum Press Double Launch with Dakota McFadzean and Zach Worton

Following their TCAF debut, two excellent cartoonists will head down the 401 to launch their new Conundrum Press releases at the Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore. Tonight at 7:00 p.m., Dakota McFadzean and Zach Worton will present their work--featuring death metal videos, disembodied faces, and more! Montreal's Howard Chackowicz will host! Conundrum Press thanks the Canada Council for the Arts for their support of this event.

About Don't Get Eaten By Anything: For the past five years cartoonist Dakota McFadzean has been drawing a four panel comic strip every day and posting to his website. EVERY DAY! This is a remarkable achievement — though a schedule familiar to any syndicated newspaper cartoonist — but in the digital age artists can do it themselves. This web comic has been nominated for the Slate Cartoonist Prize and a Shuster Award. Inspired by James Kochalka’s American Elf, McFadzean began the project in January 2010, originally as an autobiographical daily. Soon, however, it morphed into its current state: death, cosmic insignificance, facial mutation, and ghosts are all used to point out the absurdity of life and the fundamental loneliness of the human condition, more often than not to humourous effect. McFadzean features characters with disparate ages in these strips because they provide different perspectives on related experiences. A kid character is experiencing everything for the first time, but an older one may wonder if he’s experiencing something for the last time. This collection of The Dailies will document three years of sequential strips into one handsome package.

Dakota McFadzean’s work has appeared in a number of magazines, galleries and anthologies, including The Best American Comics, and Mad Magazine. He received an MFA from The Center for Cartoon Studies in 2012. Other projects include Irene, an anthology he co-edits with Andy Warner and d w, and his ongoing self-published comic, Last Mountain. Other Stories and the Horse You Rode In On is available from Conundrum Press. The Dailies are posted every Monday.

About The Disappearance of Charley Butters: Following the success of Zach Worton’s The Klondike comes a new graphic novel about the final throes of a death metal band. While filming a music video they stumble upon an old cabin in the woods containing the archives of a disappeared artist. The discovery sets in motion a chain of events which eventually leads to one character’s redemption.

“Zach Worton, through the use of classic and lively cartooning, gives a story of how we need to make change in our lives or we’ll all go crazy. Sometimes that change breaks hearts and pisses off our friends. And sometimes it brings about a calm understanding of who we are.” — Charles Forsman (TEOTFW)

“The Disappearance of Charley Butters is a smart, lively story imbued with page-turning mystery, all told in Zach Worton’s engaging style.” — Noah Van Sciver

“Zach Worton’s The Klondike radiates with a detectable sense of consequence.... For graphic novel readers, The Klondike is bound to wind up a favourite title of 2011." — National Post

Zach Worton is a cartoonist and musician living in Toronto. His first book The Klondike was published in 2011.

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