This Tuesday: Sprout Out Loud with Emily Rose Michaud! / Atelier à venir : Pouvoir aux pousses avec Emily Rose Michaud!

(Français ci-dessous) This June, SPROUT OUT LOUD! returns to Montreal to celebrate the Strawberry Moon and International Year of the Soils, facilitated by Emily Rose Michaud.

Join us on Tuesday, June 2 from 6 to 8 p.m. for the beginning of the planting season. Emily Rose will lead a visual talk and workshop on land-based art approaches that highlight soil in poetic terms. The evening will end with a hands-on planting outside. All are welcome! No reservations, just show up on time!

The visual talk will highlight the nature of engagement as it pertains to land use and participatory democracy while re-affirming the need for the poetic when it comes to art and action. Considering our role as cultural pollinators at local and international levels, simple gestures are highlighted: ones which are inclusive, concrete, creative, inter-generational and life-affirming. When it comes to the built and natural spaces that compose our lives, this presentation will invigorate a radical re-imagining of our cities and villages and how we may (re)shape them, as guided by the dirt beneath our feet. Sprout Out Loud 'zines will be available for purchase. There will be an informal seed exchange, so BYOS!

COST: Suggested donation of $10 to cover artist’s time and travel.

SPROUT OUT LOUD! is a project led by artist/educator Emily Rose Michaud. Learn about her land art projects, installations, academic and community outreach, classes and workshops here!

Emily Rose Michaud works at the crossroads of community organization, ecology, civic participation and land use. Her work encompasses land-based art, installation, drawing, writing, performance, and intervention. In recent years, her experimental, participatory, and socially driven approach has resulted in a series of performances incorporating living ‘sproutfits’, a guerilla gardener’s ensemble, an electronic book designed to be reproduced and remixed by others, and the Roerich Garden Project, a three-year land art project in a post-industrial railyard turned urban meadow.


En juin, le Pouvoir aux Pousses fête la lune des fraises et l’Année internationale des sols avec une plantation de vivaces sauvages, ainsi qu’une présentation et un atelier animés par Emily Rose Michaud.

Joignez-vous à nous le mardi 2 juin de 18 h à 20 h pour une présentation visuelle et bilingue qui a comme thématique le sol et les approches artistiques et poétiques inspirées par cette source de vie essentielle. Le tout sera suivi d'une plantation de vivaces sauvages à l'extérieur de la librairie. Aucune réservation nécéssaire!

COÛT (don suggéré) : 10 $. Les zines du Pouvoir aux Pousses seront aussi à vendre à un prix modeste.

Veuillez noter: Il y aura un échange de semences informel, alors ammenez vos propres semences!

LE POUVOIR AUX POUSSES! est un projet initié par l'artiste/organisatrice Emily Rose Michaud. Apprenez-en d'avantage sur ses projets en Land Art, ses installations, sa sensibilisation communautaire et académique, ainsi que ses classes et ateliers ici.

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