Cycling books!

It's been a long time coming this year, but for those of us who do not brave the winter on our bikes, the weather is finally, indisputably, bike-friendly! Here are some cycling books to inspire your wheeled commutes and explorations.

Practical guides: The Urban Cycling Survival Guide: Need to Know Skills and Strategies for Biking in the City (Yvonne Bambrick and Marc Ngui); Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance: The World's Best-Selling Bicycle Repair and Maintenance Guide (Lennard Zinn); The Rules: The Way of the Cycling Disciple (Velominati)

Design: Bike Porn Volume 1 (Chris Naylor); The Elite Bicycle: Portraits of Great Marques, Makers and Designers (Gerard Brown); Fifty Bicycles that Changed the World (Alex Newson)

Memoir and fiction: Bicycle Diaries (David Byrne); Cycling to Asylum (Su J. Sokol); The Rider (Tim Krabbé)

And a bike card game: Battle of the Bikes! London-based illustrator David Sparshott brings us this cute game that allows bike lovers of all ages to play iconic makes and models off against each other to discover who’s got the best set of wheels.

Ride safe, everyone!

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