Now in Stock: Pow Pow Press

A few weeks ago Pow Pow Press launched their first English books At TCAF. It's a fantastic selection of funny and poignant graphic novels by Montreal based artists and now you can find them here!

Michel Hellman is a Mile End based artist who sometimes orders the Wilensky special. His appropriately titled comic book, Mile End, is essential reading for anyone who calls the neighbourhood home (neighbours too)! Collecting anecdotes wrought with humour and imagination it chronicles the evolution of the area over a decade paralleling the artist's own life.

Montrealers Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau (Pinkerton and Poulet grain-grain) and Cathon (La liste des choses qui existent and Les ennuis de Lapinette) collaborated to create Vampire Cousins. In a zany tribute to cult horror films Vampire Cousins is a mystery that reads like a long forgotten B-movie full of humour and intrigue.

Samuel Cantin, author of Phobies des moments seuls, is the Montreal based artist behind Vile and Miserable. It's a story about a bookstore employee who works at a shop which doubles as a used car dealership. Chronicling his life over four days it is sad, absurd and hilarious.

In Zviane's (Ping-Pong, L'ostie d'chat, ApnĂ©eFor As Long As It Rains a man and a woman find themselves alone together in a house in a foreign country. Unable to go outside due to the rain they find themselves making music to pass the time. With a soundtrack of Scaramouche and the Legend of Zelda Theme it's not to be missed!

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