Recap: Melissa Bull launches Rue!

On May 1st we had the very great pleasure of launching Melissa Bull's fantastic first book of poetry, Rue!

The night was hosted by Emma Healey (Begin With the End in Mind), who thanked everyone for coming out on the first nice Friday evening of the year, a "perfect party good-time night.” 

Alexandra Leggat was first up to read. She's the author of This is me since yesterday, among other works, and currently teaches at the University of Toronto. We were treated to an excerpt from her most recent work, The Incomparables, about car drives, Bach, hiding rough hands with gloves, and Hope-brand cigarettes.

Next was Jennifer Lovegrove, who first read from Watch How We Walk, her Giller Prize longlisted novel, telling the story of a Jehovah's Witness family, claustrophobia, and growing up. Lovegrove has been published widely, works in radio, and splits her time between Toronto and rural Halliburton. She finished off by reading poems from her new manuscript, tentatively titled “Beautiful Children With Pet Foxes.”

Then came Melissa Bull! She's been published in many different places, including the Montreal Review of Books, Lemon Hound, Maisonneuve, and Playboy, among others. She is pursuing an MFA in writing at UBC, and is the translator of the recently-published Burqa of Skin, by Nelly Arcan.

Bull thanked everyone for coming, talked about Rue (it has "family stuff and boy stuff,” and the cover was designed by her brother in law). A collection of poems written over seven years, family features heavily in the book (“you’re never anywhere else, you never know anyone as well as you know your family”), and the poems she read told stories of shooting geese, traveling to castles, a “dialogue of crows,” piƱa coladas, The English Patient, and parents getting sick.

It was a great night, thanks to everyone who came out!

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