Recap: Neil Smith Launches Boo

On Thursday, May 14th Neil Smith launched his novel debut, Boo, at the Librairie! The shop was crowded by fans, friends, and colleagues from the QWF (Quebec Writers Federation), of which Smith has been a proud member since its inaugural year, to celebrate the release. 

Attendees learned that inspiration for the book is grounded in Smith's experience growing up in Salt Lake City, a predominantly Mormon community, as part of the secular minority. He remembered his fascination with Heaven and his frequent attempts to induce his peers to describe it to him. As the characters in Smith's version of heaven can't age or even move beyod puberty, Boo is a never-coming-of-age novel.

After a great introduction Smith gave an animated reading, and, despite the gloomy subject matter received plenty of laughs. Afterwards there was a long Q&A session with the audience and an equally lengthy line up for book signings! The excitement for Boo was bananas! Thanks to Neil, QWF and everyone who came out and made the night such a success!

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