Fool, The Fusion issue

The new Fool has arrived! If the F**** word, "fusion" has been on everybody's lips for a while, it is now the theme of this brand new issue!

Beside a small spotlight on German sausage and words about the botanicals inside gin, Fool's new issue includes a big feature on the Basque chef Inaki Aizpitarte, who has made French cuisine sexy. He reportedly inspired younger chefs to express their own personality, letting go of the rigid barriers erected by Michelin. 

 "As a boy, he dreamed of being a shepherd [...] as a man, he has restaurants in London  and Paris".

Fool's new issue also provides an insider's view of the Japanese culinary scene, especially of the new generation. In fact, not only that the younger chefs are perfecting japanese culinary tradition, but they're also mastering foreign cuisine, leading to a genuine culinary revolution. Rather than sticking to closely to traditions, they instead try to craft their own personal brand.

Fool also includes an article about Chilean chef Rodolfo Guzman, working with delicious edibles found in a unique micro-ecosystem. Among them: a gorgeous (and yummy) sea stick snack, dressed in autumn flowers, and a Patagonian wild fruit served as a pie with sheep milk. O-M-G

Plus: a reportage "Smashing bottles in the Mosh Pit", about a public tasting of natural and artisan wines held in Melbourne,  and a cool article on Bar Tartine's staff!

Get it now!

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