Improve thyself!

If the mere mention of "self help" books makes you a little squeamish, fearing a barrage of hackneyed tidbits of advice that apply to almost nobody's actual life, you're not alone! But you'll be glad to note that there are actually a handful of genuinely lovely, inspiring books to help give yourself a little pick-me up, and ward off the summertime inertia. Whether you're thinking about taking an adventure, starting a project, or just decluttering your abode in preparation for moving day, we've got you covered!

The School of Life series is full of wisdom from all sorts of brilliant folks. These are cute, pocket-sized volumes, but don't let their small stature fool you, because they tackle some of life's biggest challenges. 

Any of Lynda Barry's books are super inspiring, but Syllabus, her latest, is particularly conducive to creativity. (See this link for more details on how awesome it is!)

This is a charming and beautiful book that invokes the metaphysical at times, but without ever delving into the realm of flakiness or cliché. Let Sakugawa guide you on a journey through the universe, and you might just find yourself feeling better than when you started out!

One of the nine "assignments" in the book involves inviting your inner demons for a cup of tea. If you're unconvinced that this is a good idea, let this illustration of the inner demon dance party win you over!

Whether you plan to spend the summer with your forever sweetheart(s) or find some new ones, this book provides the tools to give your romantic relationships a positive tweak.

July first is looming, and for Montrealers that means but one thing: moving day! Every item you can part with before then is one less thing you have to ply your friends with beer and pizza to help you haul to your new apartment. This book will assist you in the process of letting go of dust-collecting objects. Enough said!

In addition to the fine books featured here, we have whole sections devoted to creativity and writing, plus plenty of other great books to get you fired up about whatever it is that you wish to be doing, or to find what that is. Sometimes a little outside encouragement goes a long way. 

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