Out today: Berlin 19 by Jason Lutes

We've now got the eagerly-anticipated newest instalment of Jason Lutes' Berlin series, which starts during the end days of the Weimar republic and leads up to the advent of WWII. Issue 19 takes place in the spring of 1932, and changes are afoot in the titular city for communists and nationalists, Jews and Gentiles alike.

Pubescent Silvia Braun finds that she can no longer tolerate the rules of her foster family, and sets out on her own. Marthe's lover Anne sinks into a depression after a confrontation with Nazis, and Kurt's editor is sent to prison on charges of high treason and espionage. For all the the residents of this city in transition, a storm is brewing, and who knows what the deluge will bring.

Time magazine heaped praise onto Berlin Book One (which compiled issues one through eight), calling it the "longest, most sophisticated work of historical fiction in the medium ... this book has the density of the best novels." Berlin 19 is no different.

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