Out Today: Marc Bell's Stroppy!

The latest offering from cartoonist and fine artist Marc Bell, Stroppy, is his first full length graphic novel and it's out on Drawn & Quarterly today! 
In a work of highly incisive social commentary, Bell covers a spectrum of issues including labour, gentrification, automation, art, and corruption. From Mr Duck Chocolate and #bodybuildersagainsttipping to -the world's first greatest hits LP to exist as an actual mini-putt course- it's majorly on point and just a little offbeat.

When an unfortunate chain of events renders our hero, the eponymous Stroppy, homeless, broke, and pretty much naked it seems like he just can't get a break. It's a celebocracy "moment" for the world, and the elite Schnauzer family seem to be calling the shots. Stroppy and gang decide to stand up for themselves staging a poetic intervention at the Schnauzer's song-contest-for-cash-prizes and the action culminates in a high stakes game of mini-putt in which every hole is gloriously modeled after the Schnauzer's greatest hits.

Every panel is teeming with life. Movement spills off the page as Bell's environments constantly rearrange themselves and become characters in their own right. Every drawing is a tall drink I could sip on all day! Savoury drawings, astute political meditations and a fly soundtrack will leave you reeling as you wonder: is Clancy the voice of a generation?

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