Out today: Melody by Sylvie Rancourt

In the mid 80's in Montreal, after a break-up, Sylvie Rancourt decided she'd start drawing about her life. At that time only a few cartoonists were starting to explore autobiography and Sylvie Rancourt was not aware of them. The second incredible thing about this book is that Sylvie Rancourt was a nude dancer, and I'm pretty sure at that time there were not a huge amount of memoirs from women working in that field.

Drawn and Quarterly's Melody collects the first issues of the comics that she drew on her own, before meeting Jacques Boivin, a Quebecois artist, with whom she collaborated on a more realistic interpretation of her artwork. These early issues have a very naive drawing style that, while totally charming, prevent the book from having a vulgar or heavily erotic tone. In addition to being a very important historic material for comics, Melody is a captivating story from the real life of an author whose line of work and love life are not easy.

Chris Ware signed the introduction of this edition, letting us know how happy he is to finally have access to an English translation of the early Sylvie Rancourt stories!

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