Riveting reading for ages 10 and up!: The Riverman and The Whisper

I just plunged into Aaron Starmer's engrossing Riverman Trilogy. I raced through The Riverman and will probably cancel all plans until I've read the second volume, The Whisper. The third installment isn't out yet, but is slated for January 2016.

Alistair Cleary is a regular kid, although perhaps better than most at keeping secrets. His trustworthiness is what causes his almost-neighbour Fiona Loomis to seek him out as a sort of confidant for what turns out to be a dark and otherworldly story. Alistair has to decide whether or not Fiona's story of peril has a basis in the "real" world, and if so, what, if anything, he can do to help her escape the soul-stealing Riverman... Beautifully written, and gripping from beginning to end! Appropriate for ages 10 and up, maybe 12 and up, depending on maturity. Some scary content.

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