It's smokin' hot! Cool down already!!

I'm melting into my chair and all I can think about are ways to cool down.  Just looking at these summer treasures is making feel better fast.

 Summer Cocktails - Maria del mar Sacasa

Nothing more refreshing than a summer cocktail.  Mix one of these beauties up and get yourself outside!!
 Big Gay Ice Cream - Bryan Petroff

The title here says it all: Big, Gay and Ice Cream.  What a sweet treat!

Ceviche - Martin Morales

Cook in this weather?!?  Madness!  Take it from the Peruvians and marinate some fish.  Delicious and refreshing.

 Tequila Mockingbird - Tim Federle

As a tribute to Harper Lee's Go Set A Watchman that comes out tomorrow why not make yourself an aptly named cocktail.  Cool down with these luscious literary mixes.

People's Pops - David Carrell

Make yourself a delicious drippy popsicle!  You've got 55 recipes to indulge in.

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