Like an off-duty fashion model: Tender Data, by Monica McClure

 Monica McClure's debut poetry collection, Tender Data, is out now!

If he only knew how many times I took Plan B
because of him he would text me:
"Good morning love pot. The world is real
and versimilar. I believe in love as something
outside of consciousness subject to study like germs."

Regardless of what the NPR review printed on its jacket says, Tender Data has not much to do with the specific "problems of the Internet age". Rather, it deals with the hazards of a young cosmo woman's life and it fizzes if dropped in a (dirty) martini.

As she throws her stiletto heels at social constructs of all kinds (beauty, gender, race), Monica McClure's voice is that of an off-duty fashion model (the title of one of her poems). The peculiar glamour that springs from such growing clamor is dark, but not devoid of humor.

Enter the dance if Adderall, Bakhtin, Diet Coke grenadine and vodka speak to you!

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