Modes Vu: Workbooks

Modes Vu is an on-going experiment in finding a new process of making books. As an independent publisher working with digital printing and photography it uses a POD (print on demand) model. This means no upfront investment is required and bypasses the need for advertising while granting total editorial freedom. As a result Modes Vu pursues experiments in contemporary photography and gives a platform to unknown or unpublished artists. Read more about their approach here.

Despite being a pretty young enterprise Modes Vu has certainly developed a distinctive aesthetic approach. What you'll see is low key, low resolution photographs documenting current urban landscapes. Formatted as wry diptychs, they capture a certain ambivalence about city life. The loose, rudimentary quality of the workbooks is a breath of fresh air in a world saturated in images with so much gloss.

We've got a selection of workbooks from this Shenzen based operation in the shop now! Come check it out or visit the Modes Vu blog for further cruising.

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