Seinen Crap No. 1 - 4

The first four issues of Seinen Crap - Berliac's foray into gegika - are available here, now. 

Issues 1 and 4 follow the story of a boy who sets out to find his lost sister by way of the island Howlong. The 2nd and 3rd issues depict tangential story lines - a man on the run and a tale of two estranged sisters - that flesh out the Seinen Crap universe and enable you to jump in at any point.

The stories are set in dreams, memories, and heavily charged psychic space that's contrasted with a healthy dose of action that works well for the short format of the books. They're elliptical while drawing on tropes of film noir and classic gegika that infuse them with a proper amount of angst.

Read these in your bedroom if you're home alone on a Friday night and in the mood for love - they will love you back. For more on Seinen Crap read this by Joe McCulloch on appropriation, lettering and translation.

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