Recap: Steve Roggenbuck and guests!

Our local beloved poet Jay Winston Ritchie couldn't have said it better, "If it's summer, it is summer."
On July 25th, the American poet Steve Roggenbuck and multiple guests hit the store for a reading hosted by Metatron. Humidex values also reached unexpected heights. There was definitely something summery in the air, perhaps even tropical! Fortunately, Roggenbuck had brought watermelon with him and Internet cat videos were being projected to entertain the crowd.

Blare Coughlin read various poems, notably one about hating where they grew-up (the Virgin Islands). What?!

Jay Winston confessed he didn't know why he was writing about his past, since he'd rather write about pasta. (Jay, this is fantastic and we are all impatient to read your collected pasta works!!)

Maggie Lee read a selection of humorous tweets inspired by the day-to-day absurdity of her so-called adult job, which implies selling waterproof keyboards on Twitter. If she writes tweets for a living, the author insisted she was also a good ex-girlfriend.

Andrew Duncan Worthington read excerpts of his unpublishable works, which included a poem titled "Harry Potter Has a Sex Guide" and verses like "I want every social media account I use to get hacked/By spam bots/ And I want the spam bots to win the Pulitzer Prize".

Ashley Opheim then greeted Roggenbuck on stage by quoting the poet's motto, "Make something beautiful before you are dead". True to his customary yolo, Roggenbuck did remind us that death could strike at any time.

He read passages of his new book, a times giving into outbursts of soaring lyricism with a twist, as he declared: "I am lost in a gigantic park/ I want you to be lost with me/ Unfortunately, I can't give you directions/ Because I am lost."

The poet gave his shout outs to our giant soft boy (that little creepy creature.) He also taught us that by asking the question "Who likes pistachios?", one would always get a positive response.

Worthy of note: no one had eaten more than 5 bananas that day.

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