Recent releases by New Directions

Time to check in on what new releases we have in shop by the trusty and friendly publishing company New Directions - you can always trust the material they republish and translate. Bonus: their covers are reliably spot-on.

Originally published in 1939, Nathanael West's The Day of the Locust is novel about the grit of old Hollywood. Think of the characters and landscape described in Kenneth Anger's classic Hollywood Babylon or in Anne Helen Petersen's recent Scandals of Classic Hollywood. Except the characters in The Day of the Locust are those who haven't found success, those who struggle and die tryin'.

Originally published in 1974, Oreo by Fran Ross is the story of a young girl with a Jewish father and black mother. She is known as Oreo, black on the outside and white on the inside. Written with humour and wit, Oreo is told in the style of a picaresque novel wherein our cunning hero(ine) of low social standing must navigate a corrupt world.

Mirages of the Mind by Indian author Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi has just been translated by New Directions from Urdu to English. It is a satirical novel of interrelated tales about a post-Partition immigrant, Basharat - schoolteacher, poet, and overall fool - to Pakistan. A refreshing and cheeky take on politically-charged migration, Mirages of the Mind details the fantasies and illusions of nostalgia for a national home.

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