Travel guides for the summer holidaze

July and August are holiday season and whether or not you have travel plans it's time to make them or at least dream about them with these impeccably designed travel guides.

See art in a WWII bunker in Berlin, visit a flamingo garden in Milan, find the disco ball pizza oven in Vienna, and discover a hidden vineyard in Paris. The 38 hours series emphasize a local perspective on the city and feature interviews with dwellers and in depth pieces on idiosyncratic aspects of the landscape.

With these alt guides you'll discover the destination through the senses - taste, feel, smell the city - and discover it beyond the beaten path.

Monocle's New York manual provides a comprehensive guide to hotels, food and drink, retail and culture. In addition to extensive recommendations there are several essays reflecting on the city's history and a series of tailored neighborhood walks!

These cuties from Citi X 60 ask local creatives - chefs, musicians, designers, architects, artists - to offer their suggestions for getting around their city. Each book is wrapped in a colorful map and inside there are more detailed neighborhood maps to guide you smoothly from cafe to cafe. 

So far the series covers New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, Berlin, and Barcelona. If you haven't started planning your holiday yet - and everyone knows planning is the real fun - do it now!

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