What Pet Should I Get? Dr. Seuss's Posthumous Book!

What Pet Should I Get? is out now! Who would have guess a new Dr. Seuss’s book would be added to the pantheon, more than two decades after its legendary author died? Indeed, it’s only recently that Theodor Seuss Geisel’s widow and old secretary discovered what was to become the newest Dr. Seuss picture book! They found the sketches in a box, along with alphabet flash cards, rough sketches and a bunch of elaborate Seussesque drawings.

The book features the same characters found in One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish! and as a result it was probably drawn before 1963. Since colors were absent and text was sometimes unclear from the draft the publishing house had to make some painstaking choices…

And what a coincidence...since What Pet Should I Get? is all about making choices! It tells the story of a brother and a sister in a pet shop, facing the difficult choice of choosing a pet.

“ We have to pick ONE pet 

and pick it out soon. 

You know Mother told us 

to be back by noon.”

The books also includes notes on Dr. Seuss and his own love for animals, as well as some explanatory comments on the genesis of the book. We learn that Ted Geisel “is famous for one Cat in particular –but when choosing a pet, he seems to have favored dogs.” In fact, he had a thing for Irish setter and later in his life, for miniature Yorkshire terrier (!). 

As a side note, Random House does encourage us to get pets – not in pet shops, but rather adopt them from a shelter or rescue organization.

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