Daniel Allen Cox launches Mouthquake, with Mark Ambrose Harris

Please join Daniel Allen Cox and Mark Ambrose Harris for the launch of the novel Mouthquake (Arsenal Pulp Press) on Thursday, September 17th at 7:00 p.m. Both authors will read from their work.

Copies of Mouthquake will be available for purchase.

About Mouthquake:

Montreal, 1979. A boy's speech starts to fracture along with the cement of le Stade olympique. Do they share a fault line? Daniel Allen Cox's unconventional fourth novel tells the story of a boy with a stutter who grows up and uses sound to remember the past. A coming-of-age tale that telescopes through time like an amnesiac memoir, Mouthquake finds its strange beat in subliminal messages hidden in skipping records, in the stutters of celebrities, and in the wisdom of The Grand Antonio, a suspicious mystic who helps the narrator unlock the secret to his speech. This is a loudly exclaimed book of innuendo, rumours, and the tangled barbs of repressed memory that asks: How do you handle a troubling past event that behaves like a barely audible whisper?

Written with a poetic bravado and in a structure that mimics a stutter, the elegiac Mouthquake is speech therapy for the bent: the signal is perverted and the sounds are thrilling.

Daniel Allen Cox is the author of the novels Shuck, Krakow Melt, Basement of Wolves, Mouthquake, and the novella Tattoo This Madness In. He co-wrote the screenplay for Bruce LaBruce's 2013 film Gerontophilia. Daniel was a 2015 writer-in-residence at the Zvona i Nari Library & Literary Retreat in Ližnjan, Croatia. He lives in Montreal, where he is vice president of Quebec Writers' Federation.

Mark Ambrose Harris lives, writes, and teaches in Montreal. His work appears in the anthologies
I Like it Like That, Men on the Make, and In the Company of Animals: Stories of Extraordinary
Encounters. His essay on body hair and gender identity is featured on Revolver and his work
about parasites and STI stigma is part of Nomorepotlucks #29: Used. His essay Beautiful Books,
which can be found in both Ribbon Pig Vol. 1 and the Lethe Press anthology Best Gay Stories
2012, received the Songe-de-Poliphile award from l’Académie de la vie littéraire au tournant du
21e siècle.

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