Hi Poets!

From The Author's Private Collection, Eric Amling (b. 1981).

Amling's debut poetry collection matches its cover design; dark, humorous and infused with irony. A glance at the picture of the impersonal purple-ish room and one will think of the author's vacationing in a posh neon lit hotel on the beach. A closer look at the credits however reveals that the picture comes from a late 70's interior design book called The Bed and Bath Book.

Should we then take the poems seriously?
As Aimling love to distance himself from his work, this might be a recurring issue throughout the reading.

In From The Author's Private Collection, a cellphone vibrates over the gentle surf of the wave sounds. Indeed, we aren't talking Cayo Coco here. Rather, we are at a "beach of desk pennies".

The opening pages are promising and read as follow:
"Some lines that needed to be cut from this book:
Ninety-nine percent of what follows is true
Like mountain water in the form of negotiating streams
I sit on this veranda witnessing a threesome
With time and space and a blimp
Just me and this taciturn bust of Helen Keller
Balled out underneath the sugar moon"

Watch the book's NewHive here, a modern collage of water cascades and a bourgeois gentilhomme's living room.

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