New in stock: Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh

We're thrilled to have received the debut full-length novel from Otessa Moshfegh, a frequent Paris Review contributor, and winner of the magazine's 2013 Plimpton Prize for her story "Bettering Myself". Her novella, McGlue, was published in 2014 as the inaugural winner of the Fence Modern Prize in Prose judged by Rivka Galchen. It was also shortlisted for the Believer Book Award. 

Eileen is a tense, noir-ish tale set in 1960s New England about a troubled young woman trapped between her alcoholic father and her job as the secretary at a boy's prison. When her life is unexpectedly brightened by the arrival of a bright and cheerful new counsellor at the institution, Eileen's enchantment with her leads, in a Hitchcockian twist, to a crime that explodes her formerly cramped and dismal world. The book has drawn comparisons to Shirley Jackson, Sylvia Plath, Raymond Carver, and early Nabokov, and Moshfegh has been hailed as one of the most original new voices in contemporary literature. Check it out for yourself! 

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