New Moomin titles out this week: Moomin and the Martians, and Moomin, Book Ten: The Complete Lars Jansson Comic Strip

It's a very exciting week for Moomin fans, because not one, but TWO brand new titles just hit the shelves. It's moomin-mania over here!!

Moomin and the Martians (Tove Jansson)


This Moomin book is full of flying saucers, glowing police officers, mini-moomins and so much more!

I love the aliens! Possibly the cutest space invaders ever.

Moomin, Book Ten: The Complete Lars Jansson Comic Strip 

The latest in the complete Moomin comic strip collections is a beauty, with it's lush, fuchsia binding, which just so happens to perfectly match Moominmamma's apron.

In Moomin and the TV, Television comes (rather unceremoniously) to Moominvalley, but not everyone is thrilled!

Soon enough though, certain members of the family become a little too enthralled with the new-fangled contraption that has taken up residency in their home. Not even the Moomins are immune to screen-addiction, evidently!

In addition to Moomin and the TV, Volume Ten also includes three other stories: Moomin and the Vampire, The Underdeveloped Moomins, and Moomin and Aunt Jane. What better way to while away the summer days than immersed in these delightful tales of Moominvalley? For another sneak peak, here's what our colleagues at D+Q HQ have to say about these two new titles

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