New & Notable: Lucia Berlin's A Manual For Cleaning Women

Well, they may have had me at 'forward by Lydia Davis' but I think I still would have been all over a collection of short fiction by the great -yet still overlooked- Lucia Berlin.

Any fan of Carver will find purchase in these stories. Berlin (who passed away in 2004) mines the same sort of dark, sad domestic underbelly hat he tended to. She was also similar in that she supposedly wrote short stories because they took less time (any writer of fiction knows this is both true and patently not at the same time, less words means more time poring over each sentence).

Her fanbase, up to this point, has been mostly made up of peers and other writers in the know, here's to hoping this wonderful collection changes that and we'll do our best here at Librairie D+Q to ensure it happens. Recommended.

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