Event Recap: Traces of Resistance

On September 9th, we were thrilled to welcome Fabian Saul, the editor-in-chief of Flaneur Magazine, which focused on our very own rue Bernard for its third issue.

Psst! It is never too late to grab your own copy of issue 3, as the store still carries it.

Fabien spoke to us about flâneuring and literary perception, urging us to break up the linear logic behind the idea of "a street". Rather, one may adopt the Baudelairian curiosity of a child and see streets as fragmented territories, composed of multiple layers (social, architectural, historical, etc.).

If we usually have an outdated picture of the flâneur in mind (for instance, an old man with a turtle on a leash), Fabian suggested approaching the street as a writer would do. Since the street is a fundamentally incomplete story, it is a matter of working with fragments, looking for connections and disconnections. However, it is never about seeking the truth, as there is not one true street but many.

Scoop: Next city is Athens, then Moscow! We're eager to read them, and you should be too :-)

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