New and Notable: 100 Wild Styles, #3

100 Wild Styles is a three-part zine put out by James McNew, best known as the bassist for Yo La Tengo. We have just received 10 copies of #3! Published in a limited quantity of 250 copies, these zines are "handmade, hand-printed, hand-sliced, and hand-stapled", to use James words, by the artist himself in Brooklyn, NY. And you get a sticker nestled nicely in the book!

The book is a compilation of rap lyrics by hip hop artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Run-D.M.C, LL Cool J, GZA, and Public Enemy, just to name a few, alongside James NcNew's drawings of zoological characters.

A note for those in Montreal, James and his Yo La Tengo cronies will be playing in town October 2nd. Why don't you go and tell him your favourite rap lyrics that you would like for him to draw. I'm sure he would love that.

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