New and Notable: Short story collections from Alejandro Zambra and Andrés Neuman

We always make an effort to stock new and exciting literature in translation, so we are pleased to announce that we have just received new titles from two of the most important Spanish-language writers working today: Alejandro Zambra's long awaited My Documents (translated by Megan McDowell) and Andrés Neuman's The Things We Don't Do (translated by Nick Caistor and Lorenza Garcia).

Zambra's My Documents (McSweeney's) is a collection of loosely connected short stories, in the vein of Junot Díaz's Drown, that illuminate small pockets of Chilean life both before and after Pinochet. Neuman, who was raised in Argentina and now lives in Spain, may be known to you as one of the new generation of South American writers who earned the praise of Bolaño. His new collection of short stories, published in translation by Open Letter, showcases his wryness and dynamism, and is earning comparisons to Borges, Cortázar and Bioy Casares.

I plan to dive into these immediately!

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