New and Notable: The Story of My Teeth (Valeria Luiselli)

The Story of My Teeth (Coffee House Press) is the latest from novelist and essayist Valeria Luiselli (translated from the Spanish by Christina MacSweeney). Written in collaboration with the workers at a juice factory in Mexico City, this romp of a novel is narrated by yarn-spinning auctioneer Gustavo "Highway" Sánchez Sánchez, who collects the teeth of the "notorious infamous", including Plato and Virginia Woolf.

Luiselli has received high praise from many quarters ever since she began publishing, and English readers should be excited to get to know her, if they don't already! 

“The Story of My Teeth” is playful, attentive and very smart without being for a minute pretentious. It’s Walter Benjamin without tears — sunnier, more casual and more nimble. Luiselli is an exciting writer to watch, not only for this book, but also for the fresh approach she brings to fiction, one that invites participation and reaction, even skepticism — a living, breathing map. (The New York Times)

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