New and Notable: Trans: A Memoir by Juliet Jacques

Verso Books brings us Trans: A Memoir by Juliet Jacques (out tomorrow, September 22!). Jacques is known for her "Transgender Journey" column in the Guardian, in which she chronicled the gender reassignment process she was going through at the time. Here she writes about her experiences navigating the London publishing world as a trans woman, struggling within a liberal atmosphere in which trans people are regularly ignored, dismissed, and worse. Jacques entwines the personal and the political as she examines her own identity through art, film, music, politics and football.

Kate Bornstein (author of A Queer and Pleasant Danger, a personal fave) calls Trans: A Memoir "a marvelously nuanced journey through gender... a terrific read by an accomplished author." This alone is enough to make me want to read this immediately!

You can also check out an excerpt from the book at the Guardian.

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