Out Today: Step Aside, Pops

Brace yourself everyone - Step Aside, Pops is out today!

This second collection of print comics out on Drawn & Quarterly from the masterful Kate Beaton features her signature blend of astute historical and literary satire.

All of your buddies are back: Napoleon, Wonder Woman, a stack of Nancy Drews and many more. From Wuthering Heights to Kokoroko, rereading the classics has never been more fun!

However, as the title implies, out with the old and in with the new! Expect Strong Female Characters and off-canon appearances from characters such as Ida B Wells, Tom Longboat, and even some crossover fanfic - yes, Pride and Prejudice meets the X-Files

And check out these endpapers!!!

Looks like the Founding Fathers are finally catching up with the times...

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