IT'S TODAY! Roxane Gay in conversation with Rachel Zellars


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Oct. 22nd at the Ukrainian Federation
5213 avenue Hutchison
Doors at 6 pm, event at 7 pm 

On sale 11am, Friday, Sept. 18th
Available at 211 Bernard Ouest or online
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Librairie Drawn & Quarterly and Writers Read Concordia in association with IGSF, Dawson Scholar of Feminist Media Studies and the James McGill Chair in Culture and Technology present... 

Roxane Gay in conversation with Rachel Zellars

Roxane Gay is an acclaimed author of two bestselling books, An Untamed State (Grove Atlantic) and Bad Feminist (Harper Perennial), and one of our time's foremost thinkers.  Facing all the fears and pains of what it means to label yourself a feminist just in the introduction of her most recent book, professor, editor, prolific tweeter, and Scrabble player, Roxane Gay, cuts to the heart of it.  We are very proud to be hosting her.

In her collection of essays, Bad Feminist, Gay deftly articulates how it feels to be a woman, the dilemma of feeling forced to choose being on the outside of society or accepting victimization in a far from perfect one.

...Gay playfully crosses the borders between pop culture consumer and critic, between serious academic and lighthearted sister-girl, between despair and optimism, between good and bad. This is the text for those of us who constructed our feminism from the pages of teen chick lit as much as from the musings of post-modern theorists. Gay gives us permission to take up the sword of feminism while laying down the shield of policed authenticity. (Melissa Harris-Perry Host, MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry” Presidential Endowed Professor of Political Science at Wake Forest University)

Like her relationship to music for example, where : "We have all manner of music glorifying the degradation of women, and dammit, that music is catchy so I often find myself singing along as my very being is diminished.’’  Hers is the voice that understands what we face when we love a catchy tune with soul destroying lyrics.          

Gay articulates these types of problems, she gets it. And like the professor she is, she leads the reader into thinking for oneself.  She acknowledges and allows for imperfections of an ideal and of those working towards such an ideal, but she doesn’t simply forgive those imperfections.  She calls on the reader and on society to do better, to think harder, to try harder.  She understands the humanity of change without letting it be an excuse for inaction.

Her book may be titled Bad Feminist, but Gay is in fact a very, very good feminist.   Her writing is approachable and strips away the insecurities that a lot of people have about identifying as a feminist. She demonstrates that you can love something, analyze it, and disagree with it (Sweet Valley High, 90210, etc).  She gives hope to a movement that has suffered so much in negative stigmatization.

Joining her in conversation will be attorney, McGill Education PhD candidate, and co-founder of the Third Eye Collective Rachel Zellars!

Needless to say, we are very excited for both of them to be appearing soon!

Check Dr. Gay out here :

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