Small Roundup : 3 Colourful, Fit-In-The-Purse New Arrivals!

Mox Nox, Joan Cornella

Over the years, Spanish cartoonist and illustrator Joan Cornella has built himself a substantive readership. His darkly humorous comic strips have attained viral status on all your favourite social media. This well-chosen selection of Cornella’s work will please the fans, as well as new readers who do not shy away from strong doses of cruelty. Cornella’s distinctive signature is an odd mix of blood, sex, bullet holes and spilling guts, paired with surreal plots and bright colors. Uniting laughter and suffering in a unique way, Mox Nox is exactly the type of book you want to read while riding the metro.

Virtual Candle, HTML Flowers

We just received Virtual Candle, by Australian artist HTML Flowers! The anthology makes use of a bright color palette (he-helloo pink!), to my delight. This 130-page volume of comics and drawings collects many weird tales, both funny and melancholic. Meet two brothers wandering aimlessly in valleys, collecting petals and sharing moments of silent hugging. Virtual Candle also features photographs of the artist’s delicate stick and poke tattoos. It's a “double rainbow” kind of book, as it is to be read repeatedly, with joy and sobbing.

Tags: pine needles, cool green moss, penises

Lydian, Sam Alden

This small post-internetish comic of pixelated illustrations is 60 pages long. The bizarre and poignant tale reads like a sci-fi short story and is surprisingly moving. Who would have guess pixels could get poetic like that?

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