Event Recap: Sarah Riggs launches Pomme & Granite

On Saturday, October 10th, we welcomed New York-based poet Sarah Riggs for the launch of her new collection, Pomme & Granite. Sarah was joined by host Megan Fernandes and special guest reader Alexei Perry Cox.

Montreal-based poet Fernandes gave a glowing introduction for both readers, designating them both as "badass feminist babes"! What more could an audience ask for?

Perry Cox read to us from Under Her, a poetic collection published by Insomniac Press this past spring. The poems explore sexuality, gender roles, and the malfunctions of love in the context of war.

Before inviting Riggs to the stage, Fernandes read us one of her poems, "Love Winter Too." Riggs wrote the poems in Pomme & Granite over a period of twelve years, while she was living in France and working on many other books. There are references to Persephone and the commitment she makes to living part-time in Hades by eating a pomegranate seed. There are also poems that were written in what Riggs calls "postpartum delirium", during which she was visited by the ghosts of her Montreal ancestors. We were treated to her own inimitable interpretations of her text drawings—fragments of gestures and syllables, diagrams brought to life.

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