Halloween Horror Reading Suggestions: Graphic Novels

In the mood for fear? Here's some suggested reading to get you into the Halloween spirit!

Black Hole - Charles Burns

Beautiful Darkness - Fabien Vehlmann & Kerascoet
This macabre fairy-tale is suitable for any time of year, but it's particularly salient as the leaves start to fall and there's a chill in the air...

From Hell - Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell

Generous Bosom - Conor Stechschulte
Hitchcock-like suspense drives this weirdo thriller: a car breaks down on the side of the highway at night leaving a man stranded alone, it's raining, and there's one solitary house in the distance, maybe if he's lucky he can use their phone...

You Are a Cat: in the Zombie Apocalypse! - Sherwin Tija

Baba Yaga's Assistant - Emily Carroll

 Through the Woods - Emily Carroll
Carroll's excellent collection of scary short stories are utterly chilling. Please read these with a flashlight under the covers.

Hellboy: Seed of Destruction - Mike Mignola

Nijigahara Holograph - Inio Asano

Megahex - Simon Hanselmann
Well, Meg is a witch and her life seems pretty terrifying. Along with Mog and Owl they form an unholy trinity that gets even freakier whenever Werewolf Jones is around. There is some truly dark stuff in here.

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