New and Notable: Lucky Peach presents 101 Easy Asian Recipes

What a treat! Peter Meehan and the editors of cult food magazine Lucky Peach bring us their first ever cookbook!

101 Easy Asian Recipes offers a mouthwatering range of dishes that are all about bold flavours, and won't break the bank.

It has basically been my life-long dream to learn how to make my own scallion pancakes. And this is just one of seven assorted pancake recipes on offer!

Holy noodles! Now is the time to live your own version of Tampopo (my favourite noodle-themed film). Here we have a recipe for Rotisserie Chicken Ramen. Go forth and don't forget to skim your broth!

Chinese egg custard tarts were my absolute fave as a child. And I don't even normally like custard! There's just something about this dessert, with its silky interior and its flaky shell. Gets me every time.

These recipes (and 98 more) can be yours to perfect! We'll be stocking Lucky Peach presents 101 Easy Asian Recipes from now into the foreseeable future.

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