New and Notable: Montreal Cooks: A Tasting Menu from the City's Leading Chefs

Out today! Montreal Cooks is a delectable new book that assembles the favourite recipes of Montreal's most exciting chefs. Authors Jonathan Cheung and Tays Spencer set out to show the world why Montreal is an international culinary destination, and help us all to expand our own kitchen capabilities.

Gail Simmons, renowned Canadian culinary and television personality, provides an introduction, noting that "Montreal chefs and restaurants are finally getting the recognition they deserve, for cooking some of the most outrageous, exciting, thought-provoking and fabulous food in the world."

Gita Seaton of Nouveau Palais
There are forty amazing chef-restaurant pairings in here, including Gita Seaton of Nouveau Palais (our almost-neighbours on Bernard!), Camilla Wynne of Preservation Society (who launched her book here this year), Andy Su of Gia Ba, Marie-Pier Morin of Leméac, and Christopher Parasiuk of Manitoba.

Camilla Wynne of Preservation Society
Now you can never say you don't know where to eat or what to cook ever again!

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