New and Notable: The Portlandia Cookbook

This cookbook is not a joke! It's a paean to the vibrant local food culture nestled in Portland, Oregon that's made up of community gardens, breweries, farmer's markets and much more! If you don't know already - in Portland the chicken is local.

Between Paella Valencia, Cedar-Planked Salmon with Tangy Radish Slaw, Borscht with Pickles, Eggs and Horseradish Cream and their own chapter on mixology there's a ton of mouth watering recipes, and it's really funny.

Don't wait in line for those Marionberry Pancakes! You can make them in your own home and skip the brunch lines now. This cookbook is written entirely by the ever lovable Fred and Carrie (Yes, Carrie Brownstein is going to be in MONTREAL on November 16!) with Jonathan Krisel from Portlandia. Here's what other folks have to say about this: Emma Christensen for the Kitchn, Sarah McColl, or Bon Appetit.

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