New & Notable: Dust & Grooves!

Because I now work out of the office, booking events, choosing books for school libraries, and trading jokes with the  rest of my D+Q office-mates, I miss out on the daily pleasure of seeing the brand new books that come through the doors every day at the good ship 211. Today, I'm here -at the bookstore to be specific- and  this big treasury caught my eye (of course, because I love records like I do books)!

Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting is a gorgeous 436-page coffee table book containing interviews and photos of record collectors and diggers of all-sorts (I was pleased to find my friend Greg Casseus included within and also a quote from McGill's William Straw). Mostly culled from the website -  a necessary destination for anyone who gets a kick from looking at shelves upon shelves of record spines and the living spaces that house them -  there are also lots of interviews with both  lesser-known and better-known collectors (like Joe Bussard and Questlove) who tell about their stories about digging disappointments and fabulous finds.

Dust & Grooves is a perfect gift for the record hound in your life, because the next best thing to listening to records is reading about them.

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