Out Today : Anna & Froga, Fore!

The 4th volume of Anna & Froga, published by Drawn & Quarterly, is as sweet as ever! I’m already a huge fan of Anouk Ricard’s exquisitely cute anthropomorphic characters. In fact, I’m even a little jealous of Anna’s crazy friends, Froga the frog, Christopher the earthworm,  Bubu the dog and Ron the cat.

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy reading about Christopher the earthworm and his most recent crush, the charming Agatha. Yes, in Ricard’s world, earthworms have feelings too. When Cupid strikes, not only does Christopher experience get butterflies in his stomach, but the poor creature is so shaken up he loses the ability to talk and passes out! Just like me (except I’d rather walk than crawl).

Keep reading, and you’ll be transported to a restaurant, the cool new place that just opened nearby. Unfortunately for our friends, the "catch of the day" so brightly announced in the menu turns out to be a rotten can of tuna, and they find hairs in their plates. The gastronomic nightmare is hilarious and will potentially comfort any child forced to eat his or her greens.

But there’s more! Ricard brings us to a wacky mini-golf tournament, and to the pool, where our friends execute majestic belly flops.

It never turns out the way it should, but that's exactly why Anna & Froga is so brilliant!

From a garage sale where Bubu tries to sell chewed up pen caps to a piano concert, Anouk Ricard’s stories impress with their colourful characters and mordant humour.

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