Out today: Astrid Lindgren's Pippi The Strongest in the World!

Exciting news for young readers and classic comics fans:  Pippi The Strongest in the World! hits shelves today, featuring the complete Pippi Longstocking comics.

Tommy and Annika are initially not quite sure what to make of their new neighbour Pippi, but she quickly wins them over with her independence, generosity and good-natured charm.

Pippi's kindness is particularly evident in her fondness for animals. Whether she's defending a horse from an abusive owner (even going so far as to carry the poor horse to give him a break) or lamenting the fate of a caged tiger at the circus, it's clear she won't abide animal cruelty.

Though her feats of strength are impressive in themselves, Pippi's bravery is an equally remarkable component of her character. While taking her faithful companion, Mr. Nilsson the horse, out for a ride she notices smoke coming from a burning building. Without missing a beat, she intervenes to save the children trapped inside. 

Once all the kids are out of danger, the only reward Pippi seeks is to squirt the fire sergeant with the hose! 

Indeed, Pippi is at her best when she's at her most mischievous. When two police officers try to make her leave her house to go live in a children's home, they soon find they are no match for her. All of Pippi's many adventures are rendered beautifully in full colour, maintaining their mid-century charm. Now that the complete series is available in a new kid-friendly, paperback format, there has never been a better time to get on board with Pippi!  

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