Out Today: Blankets by Craig Thompson

We are so excited to be hosting not one, but TWO events with this beloved cartoonist.  See him Sunday afternoon on October 25th at 3pm for treats and to talk comics for his newest children's work Dumplins.  Or see him for a talk and signing for this release of Blankets Monday October 26th at 7pm.

Drawn and Quarterly has just re-published and released Blankets by Craig Thompson, a graphic novel that has emerged as a modern classic story of love and loss since it was originally published in 2003. Available in both paperback and hardcover, Blankets is a coming of age memoir about the traumas of childhood, faith, and burgeoning first love.

Beautifully rendered in pen and ink, Thompson's story is set against the backdrop of white icy Midwestern winters. We see Thompson as a young boy growing up in a poor strict religious household, bullied at school and powerless at home. He turns to drawing and to Christianity, only to question his faith as the book unfolds.

Early in the book Craig meets Raina, someone to finally connect with. The pages depicting Craig and Raina falling for each other in adolescent bliss are sweet and richly drawn. The artist has wonderfully illustrated those deep feelings of young love, and the pages of them retreating and disconnecting from one another are heartbreaking.

Blankets is engrossing through its narration and through its images that depict a sense of magic realism. Incredibly accessible, the book is also refreshingly profound in its treatment of childhood, religion, and close relationships.

It is an especially appropriate graphic novel for young adult readers in how it handles difficult subject matter with touch of lightness and ease. If you haven't already, now it your chance to pick up this newly available edition of Blankets.

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