OUT TODAY: Killing and Dying

Adrian Tomine's Killing and Dying, out on Drawn & Quarterly, hits shelves today! With its acetate jacket and stunning, stark cover it's a gorgeous, weighty object. It collects six stories of Tomine in top form taken from Optic Nerve 12 - 14. Each story gives form to those ineffable interior moments we all have as well as moral conflicts without resolution we face. It is nothing short of essential.

With its distinctive fusion of pathos and deadpan humour, Hortisculpture tells the story of a frustrated artist. Tomine perfectly captures the ambivalence of this character, whose blindness to the people around him is painful to watch unfold even while you pity him.

Translated, from the Japanese, is a story told in still images. With a history of cover illustrations for the New Yorker, Tomine is proficient in communicating narrative through subtle detail.

Killing and Dying, the titular story, is a poignant glimpse into parenthood and family life. His potent use of color and pacing fuse seamlessly here in a depiction that's all too real.

Go see D&Q's blog for some stunning photographs or read the interview with Adrian for the New Yorker from earlier this year for more insight into his work.

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