Out Today: The Owner's Manual to Terrible Parenting

Drawn and Quarterly has just released the English translation of Guy Delisle's The Owner's Manual to Terrible Parenting. Following up A User's Guide to Neglectful Parenting (2013) and Even More Bad Parenting Advice (2014), Delisle's new comic strips are full of the worst and hilarious parenting advice.

Here are a few of his never fail steps to becoming and thriving as a truly terrible parent.

Step 1: Ruin story time with grammar lessons.

Step 2: Thoroughly explain the pronunciation and spelling of curse words.

Step 3: Throw things at your children to improve their reflexes.

Step 4: Destroy your children's toys.

Step 5: Never read instructions when assembling toys, because safety is for suckers.

Step 6: Above all, real talk. All the time.

Pick up a copy and enjoy! In no time, you too can be a terrible parent.

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