TONIGHT!! Christian Bök launches Xenotext: Book 1 with special guest Jeramy Dodds

Join us on tonight : Wednesday, October 7th at 7:00 p.m. as we launch The Xenotext: Book 1 by Christian Bök with special Guest Jeramy Dodds

The Xenotext: Book 1 is an ‘infernal grimoire’ that introduces readers to the conceptual groundwork for the The Xenotext project - the world's first living poem by Christian Bök.

Internationally renowned poet Christian Bök has encoded a poem (called ‘Orpheus’) into the genome of a germ so that, in reply, the cell builds a protein that encodes yet another poem (called ‘Eurydice’). After having illustrated this idea in E. coli, Bök is planning to insert his poem into a deathless bacterium (D. radiodurans), thereby writing a text able to outlive every apocalypse, enduring till the Sun itself expires.

Special guest for the evening is Jeramy Dodds. Jeramy Dodds received his MA from the University of Iceland in Medieval Icelandic Studies. His poems have been translated into Latvian, Hungarian, Finnish, French, Swedish, Icelandic and German and has won him multiple awards. His most recent publication is a translation of the Poetic Edda (Coach House Books, 2014) from Old Icelandic into English. He is a poetry editor at Coach House Books. He currently lives in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

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